Hooked on a Feeling | NJ Brand Photographer

The palm trees and sand get me every time. As soon as I come out of the airport and feel that salty breeze on my face, I can immediately exhale. Sure, it might all be a result of vacation mode but there is something about the island life that makes me finally feel like ME. The ME that I wish I could be all the time.

I feel calm, peaceful. I can release all the tension that come with schedules, snow days and busy to-do lists. I am happy, cheerful and optimistic. The music of the crashing waves help me move slower. I feel more present. The beauty of the lush green scenery around me fills my senses. I feel awake and inspired. My heart feels pleasantly full. 

How can I bottle this feeling and take it back home with me? I know I am soaking and snapping the images of Antigua into my memory bank. These feelings of simplicity, peacefulness and quiet will be much needed when I return to reality. 

Today's #mondaymotivation is to visualize the place that makes you FEEL your best. Close your eyes for a moment. Think about the sights and sounds and smells of your #happyplace. Visit it in your mind and breathe. Maybe it's the beach or the ski lift or a warm bath? Let this mind trip ground you for your busy Monday. I hope it puts a spring in your step and a smile to your face.

Happy Monday from the islands!