honey with the light eyes

happy 2009 all!  it's been awhile since my last post.  i wish i had something extraordinary to report but i've been only relaxing with my family and enjoying the holidays.  now my boys are back to school, the tree is down and i'm back to work!  i have big plans for my photography this year...both professional and personal goals to achieve with my camera.   but first, here is a sweetheart with the most beautiful captivating eyes.  i took these back over turkey day in orlando but have been meaning to post his uber cuteness!  this little man is barely one-year-old shaan, who is the son of my childhood friend.  they live out in pennsylvania so it was such a treat to share thanksgiving with them and their family.  he is the youngest of three boys and truly such a darling.  see for yourself....


thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra