Hashtag Hack | NJ Brand Photographer

instagram hack

We all love Instagram. It's the cool place to be and an easy way to communicate the personality of our businesses through photos. If we are doing it right, we know our story - theme to share on this social media platform. We already defined our signature style and aesthetic for our feed. We have the tools to create visual content that we can share on a daily basis. We are savvy at writing clever captions to engage with our audience. 

Sometimes the toughest and most time consuming part of Instagram can be the hashtags. We know we need to plug them in every time to get noticed, get found and get engagement. But writing them all out in each and every post....it's bound to give you a hand cramp! 

Well, no longer....forget the manual typing and watch this video for a tool that will save you time and energy of typing and retyping your favorite hashtags.

Hashtag Hack - Text Replacement

Before you implement this hashtag hack, make sure you research and list out the best hashtags for your brand and your content. Then create different hashtag lists for your different content themes. For example, you might have a list of hashtags associated with business and another one for travel or family or beauty, etc. It's best not to use the same hashtags for every post.

I hope this video and hack work for you! This tool has definitely saved me lots of time and energy. And if we aren't yet connected on Instagram, I would love for you to visit and follow my feed HERE.