Happy & Healthy | NJ Brand & Business Photographer

I admit it. I am a member of over five different fitness studios. I sign up with the best intentions to get fit, get healthy and lose weight. But after awhile, I start to get bored. The exercises become monotonous and then I stop going. A new place opens that is exciting and fresh, and I sign up for that. This goes on and on until I have memberships all over town.

Lucky for me, I found the bari studio in Summit, NJ. This place offers a hybrid workout unlike anything I have taken before. You get cardio, you get toning and you exercise using a trampoline. Imagine bouncing up and down, turning, twisting, kicking and jumping all on the trampoline while working your core. And they keep changing up the routine. It is so hard. And boy does it hurt so good. 

What I enjoy most is the experience in this studio. It is positive, real, inspirational, helpful and so fun. They support you if you are a size 0 or a size 10. You could be in the over 40 club or a young teen (check out their teen classes on Sundays at 4 PM). They encourage you and invite you into their bari community. You are pumped to not only workout but to live healthier. 

These ladies are doing something right because I am sticking around getting my ass kicked in group classes and I even signed up for privates. I love their energy so much that I even started working with them. Believe me, it is not easy to photograph young hot things. I would hate them if I didn't love them ;)

If you are looking for a challenging dynamic workout and to be part of a community dedicated to health and fitness, contact my girls at The Bari Studio. They will hook you up!

Credits: Outfitted by Lululemon. Makeup by JuLu Beauty.