happy 6 years!


Wowzers! This January I am celebrating my 6th year anniversary as a professional photographer and owner of mikifoto.  6 years of taking photos and capturing moments.  It honestly feels like yesterday when I make the decision to launch my photography business. We were living in Palo Alto, CA for my husband's medical residency.  I was a lonely mom of two boys, aged 3 and 5.  With my first SLR camera (the Canon Rebel), I was took millions of photos of my sons to share with my faraway family in the NY/NJ.  Other Moms soon saw my images and encouraged me to take pictures of their kids.  I got hooked and would spend hours reading, studying, practicing the craft.  Next thing you know, mikifoto was born and photography became a lifeline for me.

My camera opened up a whole new world for me.  I was able to connect with children and families. I was able to capture stories. I was able to continue to learn and feel engaged.  I loved the freedom and flexibility of being my own boss.  I could stay home with my boys but still have something special of my own.

Here are some of my images from my first year in business….

2008 images by mikifoto

Over the past 6 years, my business has evolved.  I have lived in 3 different cities (Palo Alto, CA - Gainesville, FL - Short Hills, NJ) and had to restart in each and every one.  Not an easy thing to do, but it has only made me a smarter and stronger entrepreneur. I have learned to focus my business on what I love to photograph most - children, families, tweens and teens.  I am much better at finding the light, editing in Photoshop (I cringe at the over saturated colors and skin tones above) and servicing my clients.  I have seen the benefits of networking and collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs.  I have learned first hand that balancing motherhood and a home based business is a difficult dance.

But overall, I have learned that I am lucky to have found this path.  I LOVE what I do.  I love that I can freeze time for families so they can remember these fleeting and beautiful moments.  Because, it all goes so very fast.  6 years went by in a flash.  I can't wait to see what lies ahead for me and mikifoto.