Girl Gang | NJ Business Photographer

Do you have a girl gang that lifts you up? I am so lucky to have a group of women who I meet with every month. We call ourselves the Business Advisory Group. We are all moms AND entrepreneurs. We are pursuing our passion while also raising our children and taking care of the home. We don't work full time and leave the house on a train to NYC or to the office and we are not full time stay at home Moms either. We occupy that space in the middle where we have our own businesses that we are hustling to grow yet we are also getting our kids to school, planning playdates and chauffering to all the after school activities. It's often a sticky middle ground because you find yourself spread so thin. 9-2 PM are our sacred work windows but often the boundaries get blurred between work and home. 

That's why I am so grateful for these ladies who are all going through the same journey. We meet at a coffee shop once the kiddos are off to school and spend 2 hours together reviewing our businesses. Each of us gets the spotlight and we share a challenge, a question, a win, an experience, etc with the group. We give each other feedback on branding, marketing, sales, parenting, relationships, wellness...the list is long and swirls everything that happens in our daily lives. We all have different skill sets from our previous corporate lives to our current entrepreneurial ventures to our family relationships. There is so much brainstorming and camaraderie. The conversations are immensely valuable and helpful.

This monthly meet up has been a game changer for me. As a solopreneur, running a business can feel lonely and challenging. The stress of trying to balance work and family is HUGE (at least for me). Now I have my tribe who gets it and can boost me up when I am feeling down or confused and lift me up even higher when I am celebrating a win. 

Meet My Power Posse -  Joy,   Betty ,  Jen ,  Kanani  and  Jennifer .

Meet My Power Posse - Joy, Betty, Jen, Kanani and Jennifer.

If you don't have a circle or community, I strongly encourage that you find one or create your own. Seek out women who share the same values, vision and work ethic as you. Start with a coffee date and see if you have similar energy and passion. From there, maybe you can pool together a small group. Set a schedule and list topics to discuss. Create a community and see how it changes your business!