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Your website is your virtual storefront. It's the starting point for your business. When prospects want to learn more about you, they will plug in your url and start clicking away. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and try to see and read what they experience for the first time. 

Immediately your visuals and copy need to capture their attention and ignite a connection to your brand. The most visited pages on your site are the home, the about me and contact us pages. These pages need to work extra hard to keep your prospects engaged and clicking to learn more in order to convert them into clients.

Home Page

Your welcome mat. This is the starting point. It's like the doorway into your online world. How does your viewer feel when they first visit? Are they engaged, provoked or appreciated? Your header photos need to be professional which means clear, crisp and creatively composed. Plus also eye catching, telling a compelling story of who you are and what you do. Good photos can inspire someone to connect and purchase so include 2-3 of your best images on your homepage. Your headline must grab their attention and resonate. Speak their language. Organized navigation will keep your viewers moving through the site. Keep it simple and easy. There is nothing worse then a broken link or clicking into nowhere. Also don't forget to include "call to actions" to help guide your readers on what to do and where to go.


Your bio. Your resume. Your history. This is your opportunity to share who you are and what your business is all about. Include a photo that showcases your personality and you will be able to build a connection and trust. In my opinion, the about me page MUST include a photo of the face behind the brand. People want to know WHO they are doing business with. People also want to learn your WHY behind your work. Be sure to share your roots, your passions and how you are different from the others in your field.


Contact Us

Your closing. This is your chance to start the relationship. This is the bridge to connecting with you directly to seek more information. It's also another great opportunity to include a photo as a friendly reminder of your personal brand. An image encourages viewers to submit their personal information because they actually see the face that they are sending it to. Make sure the instructions are crystal clear on how to make contact and how to reach you. Plus, test out all the links to make sure they are properly working.

From my own website -

From my own website -

Now if you're struggling with your website and feel like you don't have compelling photos or copy to attract clients, then stress no more! I am super excited to be launching a new photo package called GET NOTICED for savvy women entrepreneurs who want their website to speak volumes about their brand. This package combines both brand photography (with me) and copywriting (with one of my creative partners) for your website. Let's update the images and text on your home, about me and contact me pages (or other places) so that clients and prospects connect with YOU and your story. 

If you are interested to learn more, please contact me at I would love to help you up level your website. More of my business and branding images can be found here.

PLUS, I am offering $100 off this package price for the first five women who book before March 31, 2016. Let's start off 2016 together making an impact on your business and personal brand!