Get Gorgeous Headshots | NJ Business Photographer

It's been over three years since we started hosting the Get Gorgeous headshot event. We have serviced over 100 women from all different industries - coaches, speakers, realtors, agents, designers. And we have even received an award (BIG - Better Together) in recognition for this unique collaboration.

This event is one of my absolute favorites for so many reasons. First, our clients are interesting and smart women in business who are committed to their brands and lines of work. I love learning about what they do and why they do it. Second, as a solo entrepreneur, I am giddy at the chance to collaborate with others. The creative team (Blow In Blow Out, Lucy Chambers Makeup and our rotating jewelry designers) are all uber talented and a dream to work with. But my favorite part is to see the transformation. When our clients come into the salon, they are a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. But as they go through the experience of getting their hair blown out, makeup professionally applied and outfits styled with the perfect accessory, their confidence starts to shine. Once they get to me and my camera, these women feel like rockstars. Their inner beauty just radiates!

I am passionate about helping women in business feel confident through photography. I want to help them stand out and bring their brands to life. I want them to finally feel empowered to be the FACE of their business. And the right headshot definitely can help!

Our client Erika Lippman of Adlipps shares, "Wow, I was so excited to finally get behind Mallika's lens and her pictures did not disapoint! Mallika is professional, easy to work with, and made this camera-shy lady feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It was also such a treat to have a morning of beauty, and I highly recommend the Get Gorgeous event to anyone who is looking for an updated headshot."

Jenny Paulin writes "Amazing package, fabulous to work with and lightning speed return. Thank you!"

Our next Get Gorgeous event is scheduled for September 15 at Blow In Blow Out in Summit, NJ. We only take 10 clients and this event sells out f a s t. The event fee is $299 (plus scheduling fee) and the time slots and sign up can be found HERE

If you are ready to update your headshot, join us. We would love to have you!