New Instagram Algorithm - NJ Business Photographer

Have you heard the news? Instagram has announced a new algorithm of how posts are seen in our feeds. Whereas before posts would be revealed  in reverse chronological order, now Instagram is deciding what to show us based on the viewer's interests and relationships with the posters. Instagram is reordering our feeds to show us "moments we believe you will care about the most".

Everyone is up in arms about this and what it means for connecting with our audience. Will our images get lost? Will we lose engagement? Why does Instagram think they can decide what we want to see? There are a lot of unknowns but the one thing for sure is : Instagram is a business and can decide what they want to do with their platform. They made this decision because feeds were starting to get crowded making it tougher for people to keep up with the content they wanted to see.  

So now what do we do? I think the best way to cope with social media changes is to find strategies to continue engagement with your audience. What can we do on our end to still maintain our connections? Here are a few ideas that I plan to implement in my Instagram strategy:

  1. CONTENT. Continue to create and share meaningful, valuable content to your tribe. Keep taking beautiful photos. Keep offering useful tips and advice. Keep inspiring others with quotes and behind the scenes sneak peaks to your process. Keep sharing relevant information that builds connections with your peeps.
  2. HASHTAGS. The order of the feed may be changing but as of now, hashtags still have the power to categorize and search for posts. Make sure you are including hashtags in your captions so that your customer can find you. These hashtags need to be relevant to your target and your industry. 
  3. ENGAGEMENT. Keep being social. Comment. Like. Share. Tag. Ask Questions. Post challenges. Create contests. Keep encouraging a dialogue on Instagram and you will build a community.
  4. CALL TO ACTION. Ask your followers to connect with you through the "turn on post notifications" feature. This way they won't miss a single post. You may need to show them how to do this with a graphic like I did. Just click the three dots in the top right and when the drop down comes up, click "Turn on Post Notifications". 

5. EMAIL LIST. Use the one clickable link on your Instagram bio wisely. Ask your audience to opt into your newsletter sign up through that link. This way you can capture their email and continue your relationship with them outside of Instagram. 

This big news has taught me one big lesson. Instagram is a business and they can do whatever they want with their platform. We have seen this with Facebook and Twitter. As a business owner, I only have real control over the platforms that I own - my website, my blog and my email list. I need to continue to keep them relevant, updated and top of mind. 

I hope this blog post helps you navigate the recent changes. If you want to learn more social media strategies to build your business, join us for an upcoming workshop in New Jersey : Get Savvy. Learn Social. Find Success. I am collaborating with two other social media mavens to present 3 hours of hands on, valuable content on building your business through social media. You can find more details HERE. We would love to have you. In the meantime, find me on Insta!