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When it comes to planning a successful brand photo shoot, wardrobe plays a major role. It’s important to choose clothing that communicate your personality, your style and your goals. You want to look like yourself, connect with your audience, but also position yourself as a leader.

If the thought of trying to pull all of this together in a stylish way sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone! Many of my clients have anxiety when choosing what they’ll wear on the big day.

Thankfully, my friend, collaborator and expert stylist Neepa Sikdar of Accessible Style is here to help! Before becoming a personal stylist, Neepa spent over ten years in the merchandising biz working with retailers such as J.Crew, DKNY, Target, GAP & Liz Claiborne.

Translation = She knows her stuff.


Today, Neepa’s sharing with us her five top style hacks for a great photo shoot.

1. Do a trial run. Lay each outfit out a few days prior to your shoot and try on each look from head to toe. Walk around in the outfit to make sure you feel comfortable. The camera will sense if you’re worried about your outfit.

2. Have a back up outfit. No matter the number of outfit changes you have planned, always add a plus one! You just never know if you will feel bloated or accidentally spill something on yourself the day of your shoot. In this case, it’s better to be safe (and over prepared) than sorry.


3. Prepare your clothes. Make sure clothing is cleaned and pressed ahead of time. If there are any alterations you need, these should be completed a few days prior. You don’t want to be running around and stressing about your wardrobe the day before the photo shoot.

4. Plan for emergencies. Create an easy fashion emergency kit for the big day. Include double-sided tape to create temporary hems or close gaps, static guard to eliminate static cling, and a lint roller to remove dust or particles.

5. Wear those pumps, girl! Wear heels during your photo shoot. This improves your posture, elongates your legs and signals your brain to appear more confident. Bring flats for in between outfits and location changes.


Need more styling help?

Neepa is a New Jersey personal stylist and wardrobe consultant who is devoted to making women feel beautiful inside and out.  Her services include closet editing, outfit styling, personal shopping, event styling and brand styling. Her goal is to help her clients unlock their individual style so they have a wardrobe that is perfect for them. She believes that great style isn’t just about the clothes, but the way you feel when you’re wearing the right clothes.

Learn more about Neepa or schedule a consultation by visiting Accessible Style.


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