First Impressions

2014-01-14_0002 In today's digital world, it seems everyone has a profile picture. First impressions are being made within seconds of seeing your photo. I even read that some recruiters won't even consider a candidate unless they have a professional image on Linkedin. A professional portrait is now necessary to communicate who you are and how you want to be presented to the world.

What makes a strong profile picture or business portrait? In my opinion, it needs these three things to make it memorable and effective.

1) It must look professional. For others to take you seriously, your portrait must be of professional quality. You don't want to use a casual pic from your iPhone if you are trying to gain clients or sell a service. Hire a photographer who understands proper lighting, clarity and focus, composition and natural retouching.


2) Your portrait must look natural.  Your expression and pose should be natural and authentic to your true self.  You don't want to look awkward or forced. The key to this is working with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable.  Once you trust the person behind the lens, your guard comes down and the magic happens!


3) A good headshot reflects your personality and your spark.  You want it to communicate confidence.  You want there to be a sparkle - be it your smile, your glance or the tilt of your chin   There is something special that catches the eye of your viewers and they immediately want to know more about you.  To achieve this, it is so important to communicate with your photographer and let them know what you do, what you are passionate about and what you want others to see in you.


Once you have the headshot you love, then use that photo on ALL your social networking sites for consistency. Post it on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, your blog - everywhere!

And if you don't have the profile photo or business portrait that you need, I would love to work with you and invite you to a headshot event I am hosting in Summit, NJ.  On Monday, January 27, I will be collaborating with Blow In Blow out hair salon, Kanani Briggs - Arbonne Professional and Jewel be Dazzled accessories.  For $150, you will have your hair beautifully blown out/styled , a makeup touch up application and accessory styling. Plus a mini photo session with me and one digital high resolution retouched image.  Only a few spots are left so sign up fast -

And don't worry if it is full, I will be organizing a similar event in the Spring.  If you'd like to get on that waiting list, let me know at

Cheers to putting your best face forward!