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Oh my! Here we are in October already with only a few months left in the year. Halloween is around the corner and then it's fast track into the holidays. It's a high energy and exciting time. And it also seems to be launching season with so many new courses and programs being released to finish 2016 strong and productive.

If you are feeling the itch to grow yourself or your brand this Fall, here are some course ideas that will inspire - challenge - encourage and empower you. I am passionate about learning and highly recommend :

1) The Own It Academy: This ten-week group coaching program led by storytelling guru, Jessica Rasdall, will help you unearth your signature story for your brand, craft it like a pro and allow you to share it with flare to your audience. The Academy is a step-by-step blueprint to finding your core biz story and includes 10 talented guest experts including moi! 

2) Reclaim: Led by my friend and transformational life coach, Amy Naim, Reclaim is a six-week online mastermind group for those that are drowning in the daily grind and feeling lost. She will help to wake you up, EMPOWER you to step BOLDLY into what you truly desire in your life, and connect with others doing the same. 

3) On the Road to Full-time: Are you finally ready to take the plunge and make your hobby or side hustle business your full-time gig?  My gal-pal, Kat Schmoyer of Creative at Heart and Dear Sweetheart Events, is teaching a six month online e-course and group coaching program that will teach you a tangible, no-fluff education to push your business to the next level. 

4) #WEonline2016: 25+ of the most influential digital entrepreneurs in the industry will be joining together at a free virtual summit from October 24-28 to help you tackle the key issues that derail consistent business success. Live virtual talks and expert Q&As with leaders like Sally Hogshead, Jen Scalia and Dana Malstaff. This online conference will be jam packed with valuable information.

I am a firm believer in investing in YOURSELF and continued learning. It's a great thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. That is when change and growth happen! It could be as big as quitting your full time job and going for your dreams or as small as watching one of the free webinars listed above. There is no better time then now. Just keep on striving!


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