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Free publicity is gold for a small business. The more you put yourself out there and make connections, the more opportunities you’ll have to receive press coverage.

Lately I’ve received some great media attention for my business. I’ve been featured in Hip NJ, NJ Family and most recently on Buy Local NJ. These opportunities are a result of building relationships: reaching out, meeting people, and making real connections. 


If you haven't heard of Buy Local NJ yet, let me introduce you! 

Buy Local NJ began when brothers Andy and Chris, NJ natives and owners of the financial advisory firm Runnymede Capital Management, decided to create a website that promoted buying local by interviewing business owners in their community. Buy Local NJ discovers, supports, and celebrates local businesses by featuring them online and telling their story.   

I’ve been watching and following Buy Local NJ on Instagram for awhile. I resonated with their mission of supporting local, and enjoyed watching their video interviews of fellow entrepreneurs — so much so that I often liked and commented on their posts. When they shared an Instagram Story asking for favorite local NJ businesses, I couldn't help but reach out via messenger to share my top picks.

After some back and forth conversations, the Buy Local NJ team asked if I would consider being on their show. Of course, I said YES! 

THIS is how opportunities are created and relationships are built. In my case, the date was soon set on our calendar, and the next thing I knew, we were shooting my interview

When you’re a small business owner, you usually don’t have a bottomless advertising budget. Getting more eyes on your business (without having to pay for it) through press opportunities is a great way to get your name out there. 

Here are my three tips for getting out there and getting SEEN in your community: 

1) Be generous: Look for ways to serve other business and local entities. Offer help when you can by sharing valuable knowledge and demonstrating your expertise — possibly even offering a local seminar or workshop!

Be helpful when making introductions. Connect business owners to each other if you think they may benefit from the relationship. They will begin to see you as a valuable resource. 

Get involved in local charities, schools, churches — wherever your message and expertise can be helpful. In general, have a spirit of generosity!


2) Be present and engaged. Get out there, shake hands and smile! Don’t become an island with no ties or connections to the people around you. Instead, be an active participant in what’s happening in your community. Make a point to get out of your office often and start conversations with real people. Whether it’s a meetup event for entrepreneurs or a community event, let your face be seen! This is also true for local social media outlets — don’t be so focused on larger social media groups that you neglect your local outlets.


3) Be everywhere. Look for every opportunity to get your face out there. The more you put yourself in the spotlight and engage with your community, the more people will recognize your face. Becoming highly visible by engaging both online and IRL on a consistent basis will in time equal a well-known and respected brand. This could be through Facebook video, Instagram stories, speaking, networking...the options are endless.


The main takeaway? To put yourself out there!

The more you are SEEN and offer value to your clients, the more buzz your brand will get and doors will open with opportunities. You just have to take the leap to become the face of your brand and start building those relationships!

What are your strategies for publicity? What will you do next to be SEEN? 

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