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If you haven’t yet heard of CEOMOM Magazine, consider this your official introduction: CEOMOM is a positive and upbeat digital magazine that celebrates all things mom and business. The magazine recognizes how complex it can be to wear so many hats as a woman, the mom hat being the most complex of all.

I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry, you don’t have to have a CEO-status to benefit from this publication. Whether you’ve been killing it in your business for years, or you’re as novice as they come, CEOMOM Magazine is for you: working mothers, mom bosses, executive moms and mompreneurs alike.


As a brand mentor and photographer to women in biz myself, you can see why I was thrilled to be featured as a contributor to CEOMOM Magazine with my article, "Face of Your Brand".

If you’ve known me for longer than five minutes, you know I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs become the face of their brand. The opportunity to be featured in CEOMOM was the perfect platform to share my message about the importance of visibility when building a business.

In the article, I share five compelling reasons to amp up your visibility. As you well know, today’s modern consumer is bombarded with sales messages at every turn. Many business owners feel hopeless as they attempt to stand out from the crowd and cut through all the noise to reach their target audience.


So what is the secret to catching their attention? Making a connection is the key, and it just isn’t going to happen without some intentional, targeted messaging. This is why the most powerful and successful brands have a developed an intentional brand story. These power brands find innovative and inspiring ways to show up in our newsfeeds and inboxes, take us on a journey, and make us feel familiar with their story which develops trust in their brand.

When you make the decision to open up and share the many layers of yourself and your brand, you’ll see the effects in all aspects of your biz.

1. You’ll build relationships faster. We all crave personal, human connection, and that is still the truth when it comes to doing business. Who wants to deal with a faceless company when they can see the heart of your brand and learn about you and your story.

2. You’ll stand out from the crowd. When competition is as fierce as it is in today’s market, giving a face to your brand can give you a huge advantage over the multitudes.


3. You’ll develop depth to your brand. The more visible you are, the more clearly you can communicate your values, mission, and purpose. Your audience will understand more about you than just the products you sell.

4. You’ll be positioned as a leader. Leaders don’t hide. They are seen and heard. The more visible you are, the more you’ll be recognized as an influencer.

5. You’ll build community surrounding your brand. When you open up and share your message in a genuine way, others will be drawn to you, and a community will form around your brand message.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the need for creating relatable content and showing up in a visible way for your audience is vital across the board. Stop hiding behind your website, stock photos, or outdated headshots and let your audience see YOU.

Read the CEOMOM Spring digital magazine HERE.

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