Favorite Five Stock Photography Sites | NJ Business Brand Photographer

Don't have any new visuals or graphics to post on your daily feed?

It's tough to hire a photographer every time you need a professional photo for your website, blog or social media post. And sometimes your iPhone pic is just not working hard enough. Or you just don't have the time or energy to style and shoot something on your own. So you need another option.

Here are five stock photography sites that can help you maintain fresh, creative content. Some are even free. I definitely don't recommend doing this for all your business visuals in fear that you your brand starts feeling generic. But once in awhile, we all could use some visual help. 

1)  Death To The Stock Photo  - I love their mission to help creatives live their passion and do more great work. Gives me goosebumps! Join their free email list and get photos monthly. 

2) Stocksy - Beautiful, contemporary photography at a fee in every category you can imagine. 

3) Unsplash - F-R-E-E. 10 photos come out every free days and costs you nada. Mostly landscape images. 

4) Foodies Feed - Free images of all things food. I am digging their coffee and drinks category.

5) Life of Pix - Another free resource of high resolution lifestyle images. I was impressed with the quality of the images and range of stories. 

Not all stock websites are the same. Some offer up visuals that feel generic, too commercial borderline cheesy. Although free, beware of what you use to represent your brand. These are my top five picks for stock photography sites because I like their visual storytelling and creative feel. 

Tell me - do you have another go-to resource for stock? Email me at mallika@mikifoto.com or reply in the comments. I want to hear from you and expand my list. 

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