Favorite Five Photo Printing Apps | NJ Photographer

Like you, I take a million photos with my phone. Unfortunately, most of these live on my device and never make it into my hands. Sure, I enjoy scrolling through them and posting on Instagram or Facebook. But there is something so special about making your memories into something tangible. Holding prints in your hands. Hanging a framed portrait in your home. Flipping through the pages of an album. That is how we re-live and share our stories. 

Here are five easy peasy apps that can get those pics off your phones and into your hands:

1) Chatbooks - I have posted about this app before but have to say again, how easy it was for me to create a photo book from the pics on my iPhone. I made a 6x6 book of over 50 pages and it was less then $20. Plus, super simple to pick the photos, see them in an album layout and then purchase.

2) Printl - This is a new app I found from my Instagram friends. It prints out your 10 most popular Instagram photos every month. What better way to keep your memories alive and receive a sweet snail mail surprise. 

3) Artifact Uprising - One of my favorite printers because many of their core values mirror mine : Creativity - Community - Legacy - Authenticity. I love there bordered square prints. Your images will feel like art for only $22 for 25 prints. 

4) Postagram - Mailing letters, notes and postcards has sadly become a thing in the past. But now with Postagram we can use our photos and turn them into real postcards straight from our phone and send around the world. Brilliant!

5) Art.com - Create photo art in a snap! Print photos directly from Instagram, Facebook or your Camera Roll and turn it into a framed piece of art ready to hang in your home. This practice of printing and living with your memories is so important. There is nothing like having a wall of your life's special moments. 

I hope this list inspires you to take some action. They are all simple ways to start getting your pictures off your phone and into your life. Believe me, they will make you so happy!