Favorite Five Newsletters | NJ Business Brand Photographer

We live in a world of information. There is something online for everything. I sometimes have a tendency to opt in and sign up for every newsletter that comes my way. I just love to learn and see what others are up to. But, after a day of opting out of newsletters that wasted my time, I am more careful with sharing my email address.

Here are five newsletters that I think rock. They offer great content, a new perspective and an expertise. Take a look and see if they float your boat the way they do for me. And if you have a favorite, let me know. I love finding new resources that can inspire me.

1)  Think Creative.  Abigail offers an online resource for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives an bloggers.  From social media to systems, she has amazing content on all topics that will get you motivated and on the path to success.

2) Glitter Guide. The ultimate girly guide of all things sparkly from fashion to fitness. Pure eye candy. Some days you learn about the best lip glosses and others, you meet inspiring girl bosses.

3) Lovebomb Biz Studio. Shenee is the real deal. She offers inspiration, thought-leadership along with no-nonsense strategy and how-tos. You will finally feel like you have the tools to take action.

4) Story of Telling. I am obsessed with all things Bernadette Jiwa. Her newsletters are short and sweet and packed with simple marketing wisdom. Highly recommend!

5) Mikifoto. Can I pimp myself? I would love for you to join my monthly newsletter and learn some photo tips and tricks, read what inspires me, see pretty pictures and learn some new ways to be creative. My goal is always to inspire you to celebrate your story one photo at a time. 

Hope you find something new and noteworthy here. Tell me - do you have a favorite must-read newsletter? Email me at mallika@mikifoto.com or reply in the comments. I want to hear from you and expand my list. 

And if you are interested in connecting and seeing what I am up to on a daily basis, jump over and find me here on Instagram.