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Shah Family captured in a mikifoto mini session

Shah Family captured in a mikifoto mini session

Family life is B-U-S-Y. We have work, school, homework, sports, house, errands, chores, friends....The list is so long and it goes on repeat every day and into the weekends. Sometimes it feels like we are in cruise control just going from one activity to the next. 

Recently, I am finding it so important to stop and breathe. Take a minute to see the people around you. Make a connection with them. Savor the moment. I know it sounds cliche. But today's world is like groundhogs day but worse. Time is moving at warp speed. When you finally catch your breath, you look around and your kiddos are now a head taller, losing the baby fat and turning into young adults. 

Photography can help us slow time. It allows us to not only remember those milestone moments but also the daily adventures. I encourage to use your fancy phones and cameras to capture the beauty of your everyday. Not just your children but your routines, your surroundings, your world. Because the most amazing thing is to scroll through your phone to put the pieces of your life together through images. And if you are even more ambitious, print out your memories so you can actually hold them in your hands and relive those moments. 

Photography is powerful. It shares our stories. It reveals our personalities. It reminds us of the details of our lives. It celebrates our connection. It gives us a sense of belonging. Who know one click could do all that! 

So I encourage you to snap away but most importantly try to take a family photo every year. You don't need to always hire a professional photographer. Ask a neighbor or a friend. Take a selfie. But take it. Slow down life through pictures. No one has ever regretted taking too many photos. These moments are fleeting and fast. 

One last tip to help you document your family story. If it's too tough to find the time in your daily busy schedules to book a photographer, try scheduling a session while you are on vacation. This is what I do every year. The Internet can help you find a photographer or check out flytographer. They specialize in finding local photographers while you are on vacay. I already have mine booked for Milan, Italy this summer. It's worth it. I promise. Happy clicking!