family matters

i am a proud auntie of 5 nephews and 1 niece.  all of these cuties live out east in new jersey.  i don't get to see them very often but we try to stay in touch with visits, photos, emails and phone calls.  it warms my heart when i do meet them and they run to me without hesitation.  as if i saw them yesterday.  as if no time has ever passed. i miss them terribly now that we're back home.  and of course, so do my boys.  can you imagine the chaos of 7 little ones under the age of 6 together?!  it's wonderfully loud and fun.  take a look at my peeps...

arjun is five and LOVES star wars.

deven is five and already an athlete.  watch out tiger woods!

naveen is almost five going on twenty-one.  he is both talkative and persuasive.

krishan will be four soon and always has mischief in his eyes.

they call three year old ajay, "mr. disgruntled" but i think he's a sweetheart.

the only gal in the pack, one year old anika is petite yet feisty.