Don't make this big mistake! | NJ Brand Mentor

Happy Friday friends! Here's an oldie but goodie video that I wanted to share with my fellow lady bosses. One of the biggest mistakes I see in the entrepreneurial world is the generic or mediocre or copy cat branding factor. There seems to be a sea of sameness out there that quite honestly, makes me so sad! There is a fear of putting yourself into your brand or being the face of your business. It is easier to hide behind your products or services. I strongly believe if we infuse our personality and our story and our journey and our passion into our brand then we will be unlike the others. It's this potent swirl that allows us to stand out.

How are you positioning yourself differently then the others in your industry? What is your IT factor? How does this help your business? Check out my short video below on how you can start the process.

Hope this video inspires you to embrace your personal story and voice. There may be thousands of others in your field but there is no one else doing it the way YOU do!