5 DIY Photos to Boost Your Brand | NJ Brand Photographer


Let's be honest. Brand photography is an investment in your business. It usually comes with a hefty price because it requires time and expertise. But it's worth it because of the huge benefits in boosting your brand and helping you stand out as a leader. I see it with every client. But it's a decision that takes time for you to make and to save towards. 

So what is a girl boss to do when you need visuals NOW? You need images to post on your Facebook, your Instagram and even in your monthly newsletter. Well, if you can't invest or barter in professional photography services, then there is the DIY route. I don't recommend this for everything but there are some photo stories that you can totally capture on your own with your smart phone for your brand library. Yes, it's true. Sometimes the best camera you have is the one you always have with you and that is your iPhone. 

Here is my DIY tip for capturing one of my top photo stories for your brand library:  YOUR VALUES.  These are the words, quotes and sayings that align with your message. You can photograph them without YOU even having to be in the photo. All you need is your smart phone. Yes, I said smart phone because sometimes the best camera is often the one you have with you at all times. So grab your iPhone or your camera and let's start snapping. 

1. Word art. Look on your walls, take a trip to Home Goods or go through magazines and you are bound to find art or design showcasing words. Find words that align with your brand and photograph it. Keep it in context - on your wall, or on your shelf or on your bulletin board. It helps the "realness" of the environment and builds a stronger connection to your brand. 

home office

2. Favorite Quote. Find your favorite sayings and write them out in a notebook or journal. Your handwriting will be personal, human and connective. Lay the notebook on your desk or bed or even on a wood floor. Maybe add a pen or some desk accessories and then click!


3. Books. The titles of your favorite books will say so much about you and your brand. Choose the ones that support your message and your story. Stack them up on your desk and simply shoot.


4. Tools. We all use tools that are specific to our trade and our expertise. Now is the time to gather them up. If you are a photographer, maybe it's lenses. If you are an interior designer, maybe it's swatches and paint chips. If you are a coach, maybe it's worksheets. If you are a personal chef, maybe it's measuring cups and cooking utensils. Think about the tools you use in your process and photograph them. 

interior designer

5. Laptop. Grab your computer and pull up your website, your Instagram feed, your blog, your newsletter on to the screen. This is an indirect way of selling your brand, your products and services without feeling too promotion-y. It's an easy way to reinforce your branding. 

work desk

So there you have it! I want to empower you to feel confident about creating your own photo content from time to time. Think of these five stories when you feel photo-challenged. They are easy to create by yourself and can help share the story of your brand. Have any questions about DIY? Are you ready to invest in a professional brand photo session? I am here to help!