cracking the kims

the most challenging part of my job is getting the kids to feel comfortable with me and in front of my camera.  every shoot starts with little ones acting mostly shy and weary.  i see a lot of big forced, unnatural grins and even more backs with kiddos running as far away from me as they can. sometimes we even see tears.  so to get their true cute selves revealed, i do a lot of talking...mostly about insane, kid silly stuff.  i'll ask them who has the stinkiest feet in the family, i'll have them tell secrets about mommy in front of mommy, i'll even have mom do a funny dance behind me.  whatever it takes to get those REAL, super sweet, cheek pinching smiles.   matthew and katie kim were so fun to photograph.  we hung out in haile village and took advantage of the diverse backdrops.  katie girl was a runner so she kept me on my toes.  and matthew....this boy could keep a serious straight face but i finally cracked him!  take a look at some of their images...

thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra