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happy july 1st! today i celebrate my 11 year anniversary with sunil. 11 years of marriage. WOWZERS! that is a quite a long time to be together. and oh what a journey it has been. there have been highs and lows and everything in between. and here we are now in 2011, with three happy healthy hearty boys. finally settling in New Jersey after living in 5 cities (NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Palo Alto, Gainesville). on the verge of buying a house that i hope to NEVER move from. fully enjoying living closer to our families. and fulfilled with our jobs. life is pretty good and i feel super lucky to share it with my hubby. he continues to make me laugh. he is always ready to share a glass of wine. and however different we are in personality (if you know us - you know we are VERY different), we are always on the same page of life. and to celebrate here is a rare recent photo of the me and my hubs. along with the other couples in our family that are also celebrating their 11th anniversary this year. cheers to 11 years of us!

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