Closed for the Summer | NJ Photographer

I decided to take the summer off. 

Yes, the whole summer O F F from booking photo sessions and leading workshops.

It's true! Hard to believe for the energizer bunny in me, but I believe it is necessary for the health of my business and my personal sanity.

You see, I have been working like a crazy person for the last few months. Three to four shoots a week plus consultations with business owners by phone and in person. Events in the evenings. Workshops during the days. As much as I love what I do, I also am starting to feel majorly burned out. Plus, it's getting much harder to balance business with my family life. Either I have to clone myself or I have to make some changes.

So I decided to take a break over July - August. I will only use my camera for personal and travel and whatever strikes my fancy. No workshops. No events. No private mentoring sessions. Instead, I will focus on doing the following four things:

1) Work with a business strategist. Instead of working in the business with the day to day tasks, I plan to concentrate on the bigger picture, my business model and packages, my one year vision, my five year vision and my marketing calendar. I hired a strategist to help me create a PLAN and to help me practice being proactive vs reactive. As a solo entrepreneur, I think this step will be a game changer for my future.

2) Create content. I want to develop valuable content that will help my audience! Write blog posts, make videos, plan challenges, create an opt - in, design a course, brainstorm new workshops, partner in new collaborations. My head has been overflowing with ideas but there was never enough time to pursue with all the daily management of shooting, editing, leading workshops, etc. I want to take the time finally to produce some fresh, new exciting programs.

3) Develop systems. This has always been on the back burner for my business. It's time to document my client process and operational procedure (sounds so serious - lol). I need to figure out the client on boarding process. Find a way to streamline the information my client needs from me and the information that I need from my clients so that I am not doing the same thing over and over. 

4) Read! I have a pile of books that are waiting to be cracked open for me to read. I am a sponge when it comes to business books. My goal is to read one book every two weeks. And since I won't be juggling jobs during the week, I think I will be able to accomplish this goal. Come back for a blog post on the 5 books I plan to read this summer. 

So there you have it! It feels good to put it out there that I will be "closed" for the summer. I think sometimes you need to take a break to amp up again. And although I won't be shooting, I will be working hard making plans for the next stage of my business. And I will be spending some much needed quality time with my three growing boys, husband, family and friends. Can't wait to share all that is coming this Fall!