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i have to admit that i am so happy it is a new year. i warmly welcome 2012. last year was too much of a roller coaster for my comfort level. we sold a house in FL, moved to NJ, entered a new school, rented a new home, got hit by winter storm after winter storm, purchased a house and moved again, changed the boys' school again, encountered a massive hurricane and then got slammed with an october winter storm. what a crazy year! and through all of that, my business was quiet. very quiet. i had to start all over in a new market. and that was and is super duper hard. just last year my business in FL was thriving. i was on top of the world. people recognized my work and style without my name even being on an image. it was truly all i could hope for. and then i left and my heart just wasn't into photography.

now a year later, i can admit that my break from photography stemmed from fear. i was afraid to start. i was afraid i couldn't achieve the same level of success. i was afraid i couldn't create images that were fresh and vibrant and different. i was afraid that people just wouldn't like my work.

but 2012 has given me the confidence to try again. i am excited to get started and shoot from my heart. and my fears are now fuel for my determination.

so here's to a fresh start and putting yourself out there! cheers to the new year! check out a marketing postcard that i recently created that i can't wait to start sharing around town.

thanks for reading,

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