Celebrating NINE | NJ Brand Photographer

Pop the champagne! I am celebrating N-I-N-E years in business. It's hard to believe I have had my MikiFoto business for this many years. But when I think about how far I have come then it all makes sense. 

For those who might not know my story, I first discovered my passion for photography when my family moved to the West Coast in 2008. I had two young toddlers at the time so it wasn’t easy to travel across three time zones to visit family. I found myself feeling quite lonely and disconnected and it was heartbreaking that my relatives didn’t know my sons’ personalities. So that’s when I picked up a camera and started snapping away. There is something so special about the California light! I wanted to capture every moment from milestones to the simple everyday moments in between. Photography helped me feel connected again. 

I started reading books, taking photography workshops and finding different ways to learn the craft. I was hooked. I began photographing pre-school events and friends and family and everything in between. Next thing I knew, MikiFoto was born! I was in the photography business specializing in children and family.

For years, I focused on children and family. But in 2015, now living in New Jersey, I found myself itching to do something more. I had joined a women's networking organization called BIG and took a leadership role. I loved being around women in business and learning about their work, their challenges and their dreams. I loved brainstorming on how to help them stand out through marketing and branding. I wanted to do more strategic, business building work. So I decided to expand my business to offer headshots and brand photography. 

I also make the decision to teach, to step out from behind the camera to in front of the room and become an educator. A whole new skill set which required content creation and confidence. In the last two years, I have taught almost twenty workshops from Instagram, Social Media, Vision Boarding and Photo Styling. I learned that I LOVE sharing what I know about business with my community, especially in a live event format. So much inspiration, impact and magic can happen in a room full of passion and purpose driven women. 

Dream Bigger Workshop

Dream Bigger Workshop

Style Snap Share Workshop

Style Snap Share Workshop

And now fast forward to 2017. Today I no longer specialize child and family but have shifted to focus on Brand Photography and Brand Mentorship. I work with women in business to help them share their message with confidence through photography, branding and live workshops. I use my strategic know how and creative eye to create visual stories with impact. I help my clients up level their brands and emerge as leaders in their industries.

My mission is to inspire women to tap into their unique story, unleash their creativity and boldly share their message. I have started to educate on the importance of brand photography on a bigger scale through podcasts, guest posts, joint ventures. I want to help women entrepreneurs everywhere, not just in my area of NJ. It is an amazing feeling to find your purpose! I just LOVE what I do. 

So what's next for MikiFoto + Co?

To start, I am celebrating my ninth business birthday with a REFRESH to my website. I am so excited to fully position myself as a brand photography expert. I worked with Branding Addicts to redesign my online home and recently had new branding photos taken by Laura Lee Creative. I hired wordsmith genius Ashley Beaudin to communicate my mission and message. It all came together beautifully. I would love for you to click over to check it out. Let me know what you think!

Other projects that I have planned for the year are :

  • New masterclass called MikiMojo which is all about finding your point of difference and creating a brand strategy around that sweet spot.
  • More educating on Brand Photography through podcasts and speaking opportunities.
  • New BOOK/GUIDE in the works!
  • More creative workshops like Style, Snap and Share
  • More brand photography shoots with private clients. Maybe even travel to other parts of the country?

Who knows what else may unfold! The past 9 years have been a rollercoaster ride of growth and change. I have learned so much being a mompreneur and am forever grateful for the creative journey. I never would have thought 9 years ago, I would be doing what I do today especially while raising three boys at home. But that is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Cheers to the next chapter!