Celebrate Mom | NJ Family Photographer

Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mamas! I hope Sunday brings you some quiet time to take a breath, have some peace of mind, reflect on the moment and be surrounded by the people you love most. We are often running on empty taking care of kids, work, home, hubbies plus meals, carpooling, homework, laundry, etc. Everyone else's needs are put before our own. 

Today is our day! Honor the moms, grandmothers, aunts, friends in your life that support you. Call - snail mail - text - FB message - hug - high five - connect with the Moms in your life. Don't forget them.

Replenish and refuel and revel in our one special day. Let your kiddos spoil you with cards and gifts. Take an extra long shower. Don't cook if you don't want to. Curl up with a book. We deserve it.

Three things that I hope to do on Mothers day :

1) Eat a delicious meal that someone else has prepared.

2) Snuggle up on the coach with my boys and watch a movie without anyone fighting or whining. 

3) Have some alone time to read a book uninterrupted for one hour.

What's on your wish list? 

While you are out and about with your fam-jam, remember to pull out your cameras and take a photo that includes you. It's important and your children will cherish it. Enjoy and cheers to you!