Cangry | NJ Photographer

There is a new word in my house and it is usually applied to me : CANGRY.

Cold and Angry. Yes, that has been me most of this winter and especially yesterday after we got yet another dump of snow. It is so much harder to get through life's daily routines with cold smacking your face and navigating slippery streets. I find myself running from the car to the store to the school to a meeting without stopping to even look around or have a quick chat with a neighbor.

This season has me feeling disconnected and in my own little frozen world. Not a good place for a visual person who thrives on being with others. It can make you stir crazy and feeling cangry. Maybe you've had a dose or two of cangry recently?

Well, here are 5 things that I plan to do to combat cangry:

1. Buy me some flowers. The colors will brighten your day and remind you Spring is around the corner.

2. Wear a pop of color. Maybe a cobalt blue sweater or pink lips..the brighter the better to put me in a good mood.

3. Fragrance. Light a candle or spray something floral. There is nothing like a good scent.

4. Shop. I might have to do some retail therapy and jumpstart my Spring wardrobe. I am thinking florals.

5. Coffee Dates. Get out of the house, grab some warm java with a girlfriend or two and connect! 

The good news is Spring is less then three weeks away. I am starting to dream about colorful flowers, green landscapes and warm breezes. Business meetings at outdoor cafes. Walks around town to inspire my creative juices. Opening the sun roof and wearing lighter jackets. And taking lots and lots of photos. 

Spring is the perfect time to re-spark your connections with your family, your friends, your business and your life. It's a reawakening! Brighter and lighter days inspire us to share our lives with each other. So as the snow melts (please melt!), I will combat cangry and count the days until glorious Spring arrives. Until then, here are some Spring images to wet your appetite: