Camera Ready Tips | NJ Photographer

Oh the dreaded photo shoot! You know you need new professional images but you hate being in front of the camera. It is stressful and nerve wracking. Suddenly you wonder: What should I wear? How do I pose naturally? Can you hide my flaws? Do I have to be so visible?

As a photographer, I encounter this at every session and can completely empathize. It is hard to show up, put yourself out there and be confident. It can feel vulnerable and scary. How do you get over this hump?

Most importantly, make sure you work with someone who you trust, who understands you and the story you want to reveal. Your relationship with your photographer should help you feel comfortable to express your personality and style. He or she should direct you to move your body and pose in the most natural way. Your photo experience is a partnership and you should work together to get the best results. 

Also, to put your best face forward, you should take proper care of yourself prior to the photo shoot. There are a number of beauty and health tips that you can follow 7-10 days leading up to your session. I asked my gal pal, Claudia Petrilli, a health coach at Be Healthy Happy Whole, for her expertise on looking camera ready for your close up. Hope these easy tips help you feel more confident and prepared for your next photo shoot.