by your side

we're going on 9 years of marriage, my hubby and i.  my brother introduced us at a new york city club in the mid-nineties. i remember the hip hop music pumping with the lights dimmed and all of us twenty somethings dancing the night away.  there must have been something in the air (or in our drinks?) bec i was intrigued with sunil from the very beginning.  i had a sweet spot for him and he made me feel good, really good, just being me.  now fast forward a decade later and we're married with 2 amazing boys and one on the way.  it's been quite the journey.  and not always easy.  but here we are still together with real life memories and even more plans yet to unfold.  

sunil is not always happy to be my photography subject but was game this time around for a few shots.  here's my partner in life, in crime and in love...


thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra