Business & Transparency | NJ Brand Photographer


How much do you share about yourself to your clients?

Do you only show them what you do and the final end result?

While all of that is good stuff, I would challenge you to reveal more about who YOU are. Tell us about your hobbies and passions. Share with us how you feel about your business and life. Give us a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of your business. Post your favorite inspirational quote. Get personal. Tell your story. And use visuals, lots and lots of visuals.

You might argue that that stuff shouldn't really matter. But I would venture to say that it does matter. And it matters a lot. When we express ourselves and share our interests, we offer a way to connect with others. And in today's noisy world, we need to communicate our story to stand out and to create relationships. So if you are dog loving health coach, share it in a blog post. If you are an marathon running personal stylist, show me an image on Instagram. If you are a party loving photographer, tell me more on your website's about me page. Don't be afraid of transparency. Share and show more of  yourself so people have more to remember!

Now it's your turn for show and tell! Go ahead and share something we didn't know about you and your business (#ownyourstory). And if you are on Instagram, tag me at @mikifotonj.