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Real Estate Agent Theresa Dillon is known for going above and beyond the status quo. In an industry crowded with agents, competition for clients can be fierce.

Theresa stands out from the crowds by embracing a concierge approach to real estate. She offers personalized services that include professional HD photography, home staging and styling, custom brochures, virtual tours, social media ads, public open houses + catered previews for brokers.

Real estate has always been Theresa’s passion. Starting in property management at a young age, she worked for an investor group that owned a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties. From this experience, she gained the knowledge to acquire investment properties of her own.

After stepping away from her real estate career for 14 years to stay home with her sons, Theresa Dillon is back. With her experience and market knowledge, she has re-emerged onto the real estate scene over the past six years as a strong leader in the field.

She is currently in the process of creating her brand, including a logo and custom website that clearly communicates her message and speaks to her unique process. Of course no branding quest is complete without personalized brand photos, so MikiFoto + Co was happy to oblige! Read on for a sneak peek into Theresa’s personalized brand photo shoot and learn a little more about her business, too.


Why did you choose this type of work? Why is it important for you and for your clients?

I have a true enthusiasm and passion for everything real estate. I strive to be a trusted advisor for my clients through their real estate journey. I’m by their side every step of the way during what can be the most stressful and vulnerable time in their life.


What business are you really in? What type of movement are you starting?

I’m in the relationship business. It’s not really about the transaction, it’s all about the client and what is most important to them during the process.


What do you love to do most in your business? What part lights you up?

As a seller’s agent, I love preparing the home to hit the market. I enjoy the challenge of showcasing each home in its best possible light. The look on a seller's face when they see how decluttering and staging can make such a huge transformation is priceless; they go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling proud to showcase their home to the public.

When I work with buyers, the best part of the job is the moment when we sit at the closing table and they receive the keys to their new home. It’s an amazing feeling!


What words do others often use to describe you?

Responsive, trusted, dedicated, knowledgeable


What quote represents your brand story?

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." – Booker T. Washington

What is your brand/business style? How do you make your customers feel?

I have the heart of a teacher. I want my clients to feel informed and therefore empowered to make the right decisions for their situation. I also want them to feel special and appreciated, so I’m committed to delivering an exceptional, personalized service that meets each client’s needs and concerns.

What words or feelings do you want to evoke with your images?

I want to communicate that I’m professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced. I’ll be a partner with you and will be in your corner — your personal advocate throughout the entire process. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or investing, I’ll be 100% dedicated to your needs and concerns.

I’m the expert you need by your side who will guide you toward your dreams and not let anything get in the way of achieving them.


Who do you specifically work with? Describe your ideal client.

Many of my clients are busy juggling their schedules and family life while trying to buy or sell a home. To get the job done, I make myself available for late evening conference calls to circle back and provide feedback/updates.

They also often need support preparing their home for the market and keeping it in tip-top shape for showings and open houses. My job is to calmly and clearly explain the entire process to them, setting the standard in the beginning for their expectations.

When working with a first-time buyer who’s unfamiliar with the process, I offer a buyer’s consultation. This determines if their needs and wants are realistic and if those specifics align with their target neighborhoods.

First and foremost, I’m an educator before a salesperson. I provide guidance every step of the way.


What feelings do you want your clients to have after working with you?

I want them to feel that I left no stone unturned and did everything possible to meet their goals and needs. My hope is that they feel so satisfied, they think of me first when their friend or loved ones are ready to sell or purchase a home.


Can you share a few interesting things about yourself?

  • I grew up along the Jersey shore — fostering my love for the ocean and the beach.

  • I have a love and passion for interior design.

  • I served on my son's HSA school board and ran many fundraising event.

  • I stepped away from my real estate career for 14 years to stay home with my sons when they were young.


What do you love to do outside of work?

Spending time and vacationing with my family, entertaining my family and friends at our beach house at the Jersey shore; boating, biking and playing golf. Reading and podcasts.


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