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Mary Lev, a self-proclaimed word nerd, comes from a family who’s always expressed themselves through words. With a B.S. in Language and a background in marketing, she now provides copywriting, editing, and proofreading services for small businesses. 

Mary launched Spectacle Communications about 18 months ago when she notices a need among women entrepreneurs who weren't confident in their writing skills or just don't have the time to write for their business. Her zone of genius is writing behind the scenes, helping her clients feel confident and look smart. 

As a brand mentor, I’ve been privileged to work with Mary both in my Brand Confidential Mentorship program and as a brand photography client. The work we did on her brand foundation in Brand Confidential was essential in developing her story, and (as you can clearly see in these images) her brand photography session brought that brand to life. 


Why do you do this work? Why is it important to you and for your clients?

I feel strongly you only get one chance to make a great first impression. If there are errors in your copy, it makes people doubt you a little bit (or a lot). If you're not paying attention to proper spelling and punctuation, what else is slipping? Is your copy boring and blah? Are you standing out in your crowded industry? I believe there’s a deep need for unique, original copy that clearly communicates a client's point of difference. I love to think outside the box to help clients shine.

What business are you really in? What kind of movement are you starting?

I'm giving people the story and script they need to talk about what they do in a simple, concise, compelling way that will make people want to engage with them.

What words or feelings do you want to evoke with your images?

Calm, confident, and relaxed. I want viewers to know they can be at ease with me. I'm not that editor who marks up their copy with a red pen. I’m not that person criticizing them. This is a no judgement zone. 


What specific words fit your brand?


My tagline, included on the back of my business card, is: Turning your vision into words.

What do you love to do most in your business? What part lights you up?

Anything creative. If all I did all day was write about food, or fashion, or art, or music, or interior design, or films, I would be deliriously happy. If I was collaborating with a photographer, or graphic designer, or artist, or filmmaker, I'd be even happier. 

Tell us about your life beyond the business — what do you love to do outside of work?

I love the NYTimes puzzles. Not just the crossword, but all of them in the Sunday paper. It's

my favorite time of the week.

I also love to get outdoors and get physical -- running, working out, hikes in the woods, walks with the dog.


Let’s talk about your ideal clients. Who do you specifically work with?

My ideal client does something creative, for example, a chef. She's established in her career but maybe exploring a new project, like the opening of a new restaurant. She’s ready to invest in a new website and social media strategy to promote the new venture and boost her visibility. 

What are your clients struggling with? What problem do you solve for them?

They have a well-developed plan and point of view for their website and social media, but no time to execute any of it. 

What feelings do you want your clients to have after working with you?

I want them to feel like I read their mind and totally understood them. I get that feedback a lot. My clients will say, "that's incredible, it's like you read my mind."  


How has your client's life changed after working with you?
If I do my job right, they almost always come back for more. Once I write for someone, they fully understand what I can do and that usually leads to longtime collaboration. 

What are you doing that no one else in the market is doing?

I think it's my creative side. Yes, I help people market their products and services, but much of the time it feels more like I'm crafting stories. And that takes real creativity.

If a client could hire you only for ONE thing, what would it be?

Proofreading. It's really, really rare for me to make a mistake with that. I am relentless when it comes to errors. People who worked with me decades ago still call me first if they are sending something to the printer. They don't trust anyone else.


Can you share a little about your experience in Brand Confidential, my brand mentorship program?

The Brand Confidential curriculum and strategies implement easily into my business. I now feel more confident about my brand identity and more prepared to launch my website (coming soon!). The best part of the training is the small-group community Mallika builds in this course. I really bonded with BC accountability group, and we continue to stay connected and call on each other for advice and support.

Are you ready to captivate your audience with copy? Do you need to polish up your website, social media, or publications? If so, Mary’s your gal. Learn more about her services HERE.


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