Brand Photos for Interior Designer, Swati Goorha of Swati Goorha Designs| NJ Brand Photographer


Capturing your essence and personality in your branding images is key when you are trying to set yourself apart in a competitive industry. Your audience wants to see the real you and understand what makes you unique. My friend and interior designer, Swati Goorha, designs with a distinct flair. She tailors her interior designs to her unique clients, so it was no surprise that she called on MikiFoto to create a set of storytelling images that reflected her unique style. Swati hoped to exhibit her personality, passions, and process during the photo shoot to attract clients who appreciate quality and luxury.

Who is Swati Goorha? I am Principal of my namesake firm, Swati Goorha Designs. I manage a team of client-focused, experienced designers and installers who bring a unique perspective to design.

What is unique about your designs?  We create beautiful, timeless interior and exterior spaces that are world-inspired, aspirational, and sophisticated.


What inspires you? As an avid global traveler, I pull inspiration from the faraway places I visit. My passion for travel was seeded by my ever-traveling parents: museums, art, and architecture were a huge part of my childhood experience. This early exposure to the arts is now reflected in my innovative design style.

What feelings were you hoping to evoke with your images? I hoped to showcase the unique, sophisticated, luxurious perspective I bring to my designs.



What type of client do you love to work with? I love to work with clients who share my love of art, antiques and custom items.

What hobbies and interests beyond travel do you have that may influence your design choices? I love to hike, read books and eat out. I love music and the opera.  

Are there any quotes that represent your brand story? "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep."


Getting noticed in today’s saturated market is crucial, no matter your industry. In the competitive market of interior design, Swati’s images perfectly capture her personality and passion, enabling her to stand out among the crowd. Images like these can be the touch points that differentiate and help to cultivate a deeper connection with your audience. A stand-out brand will also earn you future publicity, press and collaboration opportunities.

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