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Holly Gillen of Holly G Studios is the go-to video gal for entrepreneurs. She teaches business cinema video with a plan, a purpose, a system & a strategy. With a background in video and production, Holly spotted a need many business owners had — to create pro-level videos on their own. She wanted to see them take their place in the spotlight so they could share their knowledge with others.

Holly preps her clients for the screen by helping them let go of their fears, gain the confidence they need to face the camera, and polish their look. She develops a solid strategy, system and plan for their YouTube channel or course videos.

Holly came to MIkiFoto + Co needing fun, joyful and original images to use across her social platforms, website, and for press that would connect with her ideal client.


Who do you specifically work with? Describe your ideal client.

Many of my clients have been in business for a few years and are now well established. They are the leaders in their fields and rising stars, and they are ready to upgrade their videos, yet they don't need a professional crew to record and edit them. Typically, I work with women ranging in age from 30-50 who have pets and/or children. They are busy, running both a home AND their businesses.


What problem do you solve for them?

They often come to me stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated or burned out. They have no plan, no system, no strategy and no clue on how to do all.the.THINGS.

Every time they make a new video, they reinvent the wheel. They are creating one video at a time (huge mistake) and are wasting time googling and trying to figure it out on their own. They know they need video to engage with their clients and generate leads/sales, but are frozen with fear and doing nothing.

I provide them with the recipe for video success by creating a winning video strategy, developing a solid plan to arrive at their destination and an easy system to get there, understanding what it takes to record and edit professional-level productions, and helping them turn one video into various lead magnets and promo pieces.


What feelings do your clients have after working with you?

They feel excited to make videos and confident in the process. They know exactly how to execute their plan to get the results they want and feel proud of the videos they create.


What do you love to do most in your business? What part lights you up?

Seeing my clients blossom. I love having conversations and watching as I solve a pain point for a client that’s been causing them so much pain. To watch that weight being lifted off of them is a great feeling. Listening to someone tell me that because of the work we've done together, they are now more confident in life — that's what lights me up.


What values and core beliefs are important to you in your business?

A Strong Work Ethic, Honesty, Inspirational, Leadership


5 interesting things about me are:

I'm a nerd on the inside. I love learning new things. I love reading. My favorite place is the library or bookstore.

I'm always up for a challenge, especially a physical challenge.

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have made a fantastic detective or private investigator. My major was Criminal Justice, and I wanted to pursue a career in forensics.

I love office supplies — specifically planners — which is why I decided to create my own planner.

I am very true to my sign — Capricorn.


What is your brand/business style? How do you make your customers feel?

Super down to earth, despite my current glam appearance / image. I make my customers feel comfortable to come to me with any question and make them feel heard and understood.


What do you love to do outside of work?

I love working out. I am training for a half-marathon. I am an avid poker player and love paintball, gun ranges, and hiking.


What does success look like for you?

Success for me is being filled with joy in every aspect of my life since they are all connected. Family • Business • Myself


Ready to make your mark by building your business with video? If you want to learn more about Holly and her programs, visit

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