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For Herbalist Shannon Mulligan, teaching others about living a natural life is a passion that started at a young age and continues today through her educational lifestyle company, Mayernik Kitchen. At MK, Shannon shares her wisdom on living a homegrown, holistic, adventure-filled life through her blog and line of homemade herbal products—products made from plants she either grows herself or harvests locally.

To capture the natural essence of Shannon’s unique brand, we took the photo shoot to the two places where Shannon spends most of her time—the garden and the kitchen!


Who is Shannon Mulligan?

I'm a natural, earth-loving food and lifestyle photographer, blogger, home cook, gardener and herbalist. I’ve put all my passions into one platform, Mayernik Kitchen, to share my natural lifestyle with with my followers. Through my blog, recipes, reviews, and products, I try to give readers a real sense of what it's like to live our everyday life. I savor simple goodness; homemade and homegrown; local and seasonal. I’m a positive, thoughtful, and easygoing person, and I try to communicate that sense of positivity to my audience.


Share with us your backstory and what past experiences led you to start Mayernik Kitchen?

My first job ever was in a greenhouse. From my sophomore year of high school, I've had a love for plants. My husband also grew up gardening and harvesting wild herbs. A few years ago, I began an herbal apprenticeship which led me to love all things herbal. My passion for photography also played a role in the forming of our business because it enables me to create beautiful images of the items we grow in our garden and make in our kitchen. I love to share our lifestyle and hope to inspire and educate others to lead a healthier lives, too.


Who are your ideal clients and what problems do you solve for them?

My ideal client are those wanting to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. They’d be found at the farmers market or local brewery on the weekend—carrying a canvas tote and glass water bottle. My ideal client loves to garden, get dirty, be outside, enjoy good food and laughs. They love to relax and drink coffee or tea while snuggled under a big homemade blanket. They may be interested in gardening or learning how to make simple herbal products at home. They might be suffering from a certain ailment and searching for homemade remedies. At Mayernik Kitchen, we show our ideal client how easy it is to live this healthy lifestyle by documenting our lives and sharing the wisdom we’ve gleaned from our years of experience.



What feelings do you want your clients to have after working with you?

We want our clients to be inspired! We want to empower them to live this lifestyle while still being approachable, friendly, and relaxed. We want our clients to feel comfortable asking any questions they may have.



How are you different from your competitors? What are you doing that no one else is doing?

We like to focus on local—both local foraging and local contacts. Making herbal products is not a new thing, as herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years, but we hope to bring it to the forefront. Educating young people about this ancient practice is something we are passionate about.


Where do you see Mayernik Kitchen in 3-5 years?

We envision a thriving, product-based business which actively teaches workshops and classes to locals and a successful, educational blog reaching far beyond our local influence.  



Would you like to learn more about Mayerniak Kitchen and Shannon’s line of homegrown holistic products?

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The power of visual storytelling gives Shannon's brand serious depth and layers. These images allow us to experience Mayernik Kitchen’s natural, homegrown products, get a taste of Shannon’s fun personality, and sneak a peek into her process. We are left with a FEELING and a connection to her work. And we feel inspired to learn more!

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