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When pediatrician Sharon Somekh decided to follow her passion and launch Raiseology, a parenting coaching program, she reached out to MikiFoto + Co to capture the calming essence she brings to the families she serves in a series of storytelling photographs.

Dr. Somekh’s mission is to give parents the confidence to parent with love and authority and to help them raise children they can be proud of. Her brand images needed to capture that authority in a professional, yet approachable way.


How did you decide to pursue parent coaching as a business?

I had a realization that my most fulfilling moments as a pediatrician were in the office discussing parenting concerns. Raising healthy, independent children is the goal of most parents, but we all know that doesn’t mean it’s an easy road. I wanted to equip parents to face these challenges with more confidence.

What is your backstory?

Professionally, I have an MD, I've completed training in pediatrics with 10 years experience practicing, and I am a certified lactation consultant.

My husband and I also have 4 daughters of our own.

During my time in pediatrics, I learned that many parents were so stressed about parenting, they were not enjoying their kids. I wanted my business to change that. I felt that I could reach more people in a significant way through Raiseology than I could in my office job.


What core values and beliefs are important to you in your business?

I believe parents make all decisions with their children's best interest at heart. Even when it’s not to their children's satisfaction, it may still be the right decision.

As parents, we have much more experience than our children do. It is our role as parents to use that experience to guide our children.

I believe is creating clear boundaries for our kids and being consistent about enforcing them. I believe we should help foster independence in our children rather than creating an environment so unlike the real world that they will be shocked when they have to face it.

What words describe you, and what feelings do you want your images to evoke?

I am a caring, insightful and friendly person. I hope my images will capture my approachability, authority and warmth. I want people to understand that you can be what others might refer to as “strict” and still have a warm and loving relationship with your children.



What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work that can give us a peek at who you are behind the scenes?

I love cooking, reading, sitting by the pool, traveling, and getting together with friends.

Who is your ideal client, and what problems do you solve for them?

My ideal client is in their 30's and most likely having their first child. My clients are usually women, but I do work with fathers as well. They may or may not be working parents. They live in or around bigger cities and travel often with their kids. Most of my clients use social media daily.

My clients are struggling with frustrations such as sleep deprivation (helping their children and therefore themselves get good sleep), feeding difficulties (feeling like a short order cook- not enjoying meal prep) and toddler behaviors (learning how to minimize and deal with tantrums).


How are you different from your competitors?

I am very matter of fact and tell parents what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. I have a medical expertise and background, but I am also a young mom myself, so I am able to relate to my clients. I make them feel good about themselves and teach them that they can be good parents while still having a life of their own.

What feelings do you want your clients to have after working with you?

Success and strength to continue on this path. Parenting is not something you can do once and then it’s done, it’s a constant effort has both short term and long term payoff.



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Whether parenting coach, business coach, photographer, or any other business owner, standing out in your market is key to connecting with your target audience. Thoughtful and purposeful images, like these from Dr. Somekh’s photoshoot, will help you establish yourself as a professional and form a deep sense of trust between you and those you serve.

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