Brand Photos for Clean Living Strategist Vanessa Flores | NJ Brand Photographer


As a clean-living strategist & personal trainer, Vanessa Flores passionately helps busy moms get motivated, get moving and get that “glow.” She wants her clients to feel like the strong women they truly are, and she makes this happen by offering easy-to-implement (and fun!) customized plans.

Vanessa wanted her brand images to convey a crisp, fun, and uplifting vibe that would speak to heart of her clients and give them hope for a brighter, healthier future.

What is your business all about? Tell us more about what you do for your clients.

I help busy working moms plan and execute easy plans for their bodies and mindset. We do this by creating personalized plans of fresh delicious nutritional food ideas that fit their taste buds; provide suggestions and educational content for women and their family that matches their lifestyle; create fun fast exercises that can be merged into daily routines, and motivation/mindset tips so that my clients feel confident, guilt-free, and live the gorgeous life they are meant to live.


What led you to start your business?

I'm a Nurturer; I've always loved to help people become the best versions of themselves. In the past, I struggled with living a consistent clean and healthy lifestyle, so I understand what my clients are going through. But, I also know it CAN be achieved with the help and guidance of an expert.

What are some interesting things about your backstory that may bring a deeper element to your brand photos?

My journey to living a healthy lifestyle didn’t come full circle in a day. I’ve always struggled with nutrition. I would go from one extreme to the other: being obsessed with being skinny (working out for hours and barely eating a thing) to binge eating and looking to food to as my solution for everything. I fluctuated from a size zero to a size 12.

I tried everything to gain control. All types of diets, logging food, weighing food (and myself), downloading apps, diet books, supplements, nutritionists, coaches, workshops….you name it, I tried it! My relationship with food was controlling my life. I could not enjoy time with family and friends because I was so obsessed with food, I would linger around the table. I had no self-control. I was always at war with food and myself.


It wasn’t until I changed my mindset and learned to view food differently that I began to find freedom. I learned that food isn’t my friend nor my enemy, it is fuel for my body. This has helped me find a healthy balance.

I now choose foods that are nutritious, clean, and will give me the energy I need throughout the day. I still enjoy social gatherings and love trying new places and foods, but when I do, I don’t feel guilty about it. Because I eat very clean the majority of the time, I don’t let an occasional not-so-clean meal ruin my day. Now I feel free, I’ve made peace with food and myself, and my life has changed for the good because of it.

Who are your ideal clients, and what problems do you solve for them?

My clients are usually busy, professional moms who are struggling with their weight or with keeping a consistent healthy diet and exercise routine. I help them change their mindset. We focus on how they view food and exercise. It becomes a part of their lifestyle, and they begin to lose weight without focusing on losing weight. They end up feeling stronger and confident on the inside and outside.


How would you describe the movement you are starting among women?

When we think strong, eat strong, and move strong, we will live a strong life. The world is polluted with negativity, quick fixes, and cookie cutter solutions. The problem with that? Everyone is unique and has different needs and lifestyles. This is why I bring a customized approach to my clients and help them discover what will work for them.

When people see your brand images, what do you want them to feel?

I want them to feel confident, happy, clean/free, nurtured and optimistic.

What do you love most about your business? What part of what you do lights you up the most?

I really love customizing programs for my clients based on their individual set of needs. I also love keeping my clients accountable by showing up for them and encouraging them daily.


What do you love to do outside of work that can give us a peek at who you are behind the scenes?

I love to travel; I studied abroad in Spain and visited 9 different countries while in Europe. I love to be spontaneous and do adventurous activities; I’ve skydived, bungee jumped, parasailed, zip-lined, and been white water rafting.

I love to try new restaurants, hang out by the pool, have picnics, spend time with my family, workout, run, and play sports like beach volleyball and soccer.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My family, within myself, books and podcasts,, Forks over Knives,  and Dr. Joel Furhman.


If you’re ready to feel motivated and recapture that “glow” you’ve been missing, connect with Vanessa to see how she can help change your mindset and lead you to a better relationship with food and your body.

And if you’re ready to make 2019 your year for your brand, I invite you to join my group online program, Brand Confidential, launching in January. I will be working with a small group of women business owners and helping them tap into their story so they can wow their audience and attract the right clients. Find out more