Website Photography | NJ Business Photographer

Lately, I have been talking a lot about brand photography and visual storytelling. And the importance of showing layers of you and your business to your audience, especially online. What does all of that really mean?

Let me show you!

My client, Elaine a personal stylist in NJ just launched her new website and branding - She uses images from our branding shoot together (REVEAL) all throughout her site. We see what she looks like, what she does, how she works and more. We get an insider glimpse of her world. We get a sense of her personality. The experience is informative, engaging, personal and professional. We begin to know, like and trust her. And this leads to our decision to connect and maybe even hire her.

Elaine reinforces her brand story by also using her images on Facebook and in her email newsletter. The consistent look helps her stand out and be memorable. And the options are endless on where else she can use the photos - press kits, Instagram, business cards, blogging. She has created an entire communications campaign using her brand photography. 

It is so exciting for me to see my client's images come to life. Elaine has done a beautiful job on her website and overall building her brand story. And she's getting busy with bookings which is what we all want at the end of the day!

If you are interested ready to get your brand noticed and want to learn more about REVEAL, my brand photography program click HERE. I am passionate about working with women entrepreneurs and helping them share their voice and spark.