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Life coaches. Health coaches. Business coaches. Style coaches. Executive coaches. I have worked with them ALL! I have heard their stories and created visual strategies to help them communicate their personal brand to their audience. They are mentors, leaders and educators, all interested in empowerment, confidence and creating joy in your life. I love their passion and sense of purpose in helping others.

While coaches are not all the same, there are certain photo themes that can apply to all of them. There are certain photo stories that are necessary to help you stand out and build connection with your audience. And yes, the quality of those photos do matter! Selfies or unprofessional looking visuals on your website may deter your audience. Your first impression is huge so make sure your visual images match the leader and expert that YOU really are!

Five Brand Photos Every Coach Needs in their Brand Library:

1. Girl Boss. Look the part and portray yourself as a legitimate, professional coach. When your audience sees that you invested in yourself with professional photography, they will be more willing to invest in you. 

business coach

2. Woman on a Mission. Share your values, your beliefs, your mantra, your mindset. Communicate the reason you do this work in the first place and you'll win the hearts and minds of your audience. 

3. #allthefeels. What does it FEEL like to work with you? Communicate your vibe and personality. Business isn't always transactional, it involves people and emotions so paint the picture for your audience.


4. She gets me. Incorporate story into your photos to better connect and relate to your audience. Share your lifestyle, your interests, your passions, favorite things, etc. Give your audience a peek into the behind the scenes of your work. Show your life and see how that helps build relationships with your clients. 


5. Be aspirational. Show the lifestyle that you are helping your clients work towards. What will it look like and feel like after working with you? Show these emotions. Tell these stories. 

These five photo stories are just a few of the essential visuals you need in your library. Remember, the visuals you create and share should not only get you noticed but also be encouraging your audience to want to get to know you better. You want your visual brand to turn viewers into prospects into clients. So take a good long look at your brand library, see what's missing or what you need to create.

Need more help? Check out my #captureyourbrandstory photo challenge which will describe in more detail the brand images you need as an entrepreneur. Every day for 7 days, you will receive a fun photo email with visual examples and inspiration.