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Rama Ginde developed a passion for cooking at an early age. In fact, growing up in Puerto Rico among a family of excellent cooks, her earliest memory she recalls is one of cooking with her mother. She remembers how her mother would work all day and then return home to prepare a delicious meal with such ease. Often, her family would entertain and share their meals with others, so food was a huge part of her childhood memories.

Rama’s family moved to New York City in 1999, and it’s no surprise that she pursued her degree in culinary arts soon after. Rama is now the chef owner of WannaBee Chef, where she shares her passion for food with others. She came to us in need of images that would capture the warm and approachable style of her brand.

What services does WannaBee Chef offer?

WannaBee Chef is a private chef service located in Cresskill NJ. In addition to private chef services, we offer private and group cooking classes, an online cooking course called Your Cooking Best Friend, and cooking parties.


How long have you been in business, and what led you to start?

I’ve been in business for 9 years. My passion for feeding people delicious food, my obsession for teaching others how to cook, and the gratifying feeling of watching others enjoy amazing food led me to begin this business.

Why do you do this work? What do you love about it?

I love seeing how food and cooking makes a difference in people’s lives. I want to change the way people think about cooking. Instead of it being tedious, boring, or exhausting, I want to make cooking approachable, fun and easy.

What is the big picture behind your brand? What would you consider your purpose for doing this type of work?

I’m in the business of helping people get back to the basics: cooking and eating together as a family. Food isn’t just fuel, it can bring comfort, entertainment, and bonding.

Often, my clients are stressed out and intimidated by the process of creating healthy and delicious meals for their family. I bring the joy and fun back to cooking so they can create unforgettable family memories at the dinner table without being a slave in the kitchen for hours.


What core skills do you bring to your business?

I bring a fun, non-stuffy vibe to cooking. I’m relatable and approachable. I understand the daily struggles that my client’s face of feeding a family because I’m a mom too.

I am very patient with my clients. I’m an optimist and encourager. I can think quickly and offer substitutions and suggestions with ease.

What words describe your brand, and what feeling would you like your images to to help communicate?

My brand is healthy, fun and approachable. I want my images to communicate this and to make my images to feel fresh and awake, friendly and inviting, fun, healthy and organic, easy and accessible.


Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere... My mom was my earliest inspiration. Traveling has has always inspired me, especially internationally. I love meeting new people, learning about the foods they eat and how they prepare them. Today, my kids and my husband are an inspiration to me as well. My husband is my biggest cheerleader!

How are your clients’ lives changed after working with you?

I reprogram the way they look at cooking. I help them stop overthinking the process and inspire them to just get in the kitchen and create. I help them gain confidence, try and experiment with new ingredients that may have intimidated them in the past.

After working with me, my clients are inspired to cook more and feel more secure about it. They find appreciation and respect in the process and hopefully start thinking like a master chef in their own kitchen! Ready to take your cooking confidence to the next level? Connect with Rama and WannaBee Chef on her website and on social media:


Rama’s new brand images let her audience experience the ease and fun nature of her brand. Her love of cooking and approachable personality shines through and gives her audience a peek into her process. We are left feeling inspired and connected to her! In her own words, she described the MikiFoto brand photography experience :

"Working with Mallika was a dream come true! She strategized with me before hand and checked in several times to make sure I was mentally and emotionally ready-which I really needed. When the day came for our photo shoot, she surpassed my expectations, she made the experience so much fun and so powerful too!
Investing in my brand photography with MikiFoto has been really beneficial for my business. It has allowed me to tell my story through the beautiful pictures and attract new clients. The photos give my website and social media channel a more polished and professional look. And lastly it has given ME more confidence- translating to more business!"

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