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The next Brand Confidential Mentorship experience is just around the corner (April 12th to be exact). If you’re considering taking the leap and joining BC, I’m here to answer your burning questions about the program.

What is BC?

Brand Confidential (BC) is a 10-week, live, virtual experience — a hybrid program that includes a robust curriculum focused on branding and visual storytelling, personalized mentorship and a supportive group dynamic.

Each week, BC members receive a branding lesson in the form of a PDF. The lessons are building blocks for creating your core message and brand identity. In addition, we’ll chat in person via group zoom calls on a bi-weekly basis.

During these face to face calls, I review the weekly lessons. I also place students in a hot seat where they have the opportunity to ask the group (and me) any questions they’d like about their business. Together, we offer support and help them move through obstacles. Lastly, each student gains access to a private Facebook group where they receive ongoing support and active engagement to support their growth.  

Is this a group or individual mentorship?

BC is a group program with an added layer of individual mentorship. This hybrid combination of a set curriculum, coaching from me PLUS the added group dynamic has led to great successes with my students. We work as a team so everyone gets attention and feels supported to take action.


Is this live or recorded?

BC is a live, 10-week experience. The bi-weekly calls, dynamic Facebook group and office hours via Zoom all happen in real time. However, if you are not available, the calls are all recorded.

How many people are in the program?

I’m only accepting 12 women (all from different fields) into the program, so I can give each and every person loads of attention and guidance. I have found that when there are various industries represented, there are diverse perspectives and varied conversations.


What are the details of what you teach in BC?

The heart of BC is the ten brand building lessons which include detailed teaching, worksheets, examples, exercises, and plans of action that will motivate and inspire you to do the work, put pen to paper and finally get clarity around your brand.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Week 1 : Brand Brilliance

Discover your strengths and ignite your passions so you can stand out brilliantly.  

Week 2 : Brand Ambition

Gain clarity on your mission and and craft a vision statement for your brand.

Week 3 : Brand Following

Who is your ideal client? Create a brand that speaks directly to them.

Week 4 : Secret Sauce

Discover what makes you unique and gives you a competitive edge.

Week 5 : Pitch Perfect

Craft an essential business tool to show off your expertise — your elevator pitch and bio.

Week 6 : Visual Vibe

Create a visual mood board that will be the road map for your brand’s look and feel.

Week 7 : Brand Snapshot

Clarify your message so it is strong, clear and consistent.

Week 8 : Photos that Tell, Then Sell

Dive into visual storytelling through photography and bring your brand to life.

Week 9 : Photos that Tell, Then Sell - Part 2

Learn more about creating and using photostories to connect with your audience.

Week 10 : Let’s Get Visible

Create a content plan that enables you to start strong and continue with momentum.

What time of day does the BC call take place?

The bi-weekly calls are scheduled for Wednesday mornings (930-11 AM EST) and last 90 minutes. During our time together, we will review the current weekly lesson, spend time answering Q & As, and put two students in the hot seat. These particular students will have the floor for 30 minutes to ask for specific help and support from the entire group. The Zoom platform allows us to see and talk to each other as a group which is fun and collaborative.

Here’s a visual to give you a little insight into the structure and schedule of the program:


How much interaction do I have with you if I join the program?

Actual facetime with me takes place in the bi-weekly zoom calls as well as occasional office hours. The rest of the course is done virtually through a private Facebook group.

Every Monday, the lesson goes out with a Monday check in. This is where all the students share their weekly goals. Each Friday, homework is due for review along with a Friday check out.

Throughout the week, my BC girls ask any and all questions that come up while they are working the lessons or questions about biz in general in the Facebook group. I am very active in the group and highly responsive to answer their questions as needed. (The entire group of BC members are there to weigh in as well.)


What kind of results have your students experienced after BC?

My students and the results they are seeing in their businesses are simply amazing! They’ve launched websites, booked speaking gigs, created opt ins, launched Facebook groups, moved from being a generic brand to really finding their niche specialty. Overall, they feel so much more confident about their brand and how to express it when speaking and across all of their marketing touch points.

How much is the program?

The cost of the experience is $999, but payment plans are available upon request.

Can you share some student feedback?  


“I joined Brand Confidential because I was feeling lost. I felt like I wasn't doing anything different, wasn't standing out, wasn't hitting the right target and my messaging was not clear because I wasn't clear with what I wanted to do. The assignments forced me to really dive deep, research, and get clear on what I want to do, who I want to serve and my message! Now that I have niched down it is easier for me to create content and to speak to my audience. I've booked speaking gigs and am working towards a dream I've never thought would be possible, to spread my message on TV!” Vanessa Flores, Strong 4 by V


“Your brand training program is the answer to every entrepreneur’s chaotic mind. #clarityiseverything” Chitra Rochlani, Fit Warrior Chitra

How can I find out more?

As you can see, BC isn’t just another online course that collects dust. With just a few spots left and the April 1st application deadline quickly approaching, now is the time to take action. I would be honored to support you as you work to transform your brand and business!

Ready to apply? Fill out the BC application to get the ball rolling!

If you have any more questions that I haven’t tackled yet, please reach out to me at