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Nobody wants to live in a house built on a shaky foundation.

This is also true in business  — unique, authentic branding creates a strong foundation. It gives your audience faith in your ability to deliver a quality product or service.

The right time to create a brand that invigorates your business, brings you new clients and feels authentic to you is NOW, and I’m here to help.

Have you heard of Brand Confidential?

In April 2018, I launched my Brand Confidential program — a 10-step process that helps business owners zone in on their brand story and their point of difference. With my help, BC members narrow down the characteristics that set their business apart, evaluate their values, create a vision and mission statement, and learn how to effectively communicate these attributes visually to the world.


The Framework

Here’s an overview of the brand-building framework we walk through in Brand Confidential.

Develop your BRAND STORY:

1) Define your strengths and ignite your passions

2) Craft your mission and vision statement for your brand

3) Understand your ideal client on a very intimate level


1) Discover your special sauce — also known as your unique selling point or competitive edge

2) Create a statement that gets attention, shows off your expertise and makes you feel confident

3) Develop the look and feel of your business

Discover your BRAND IDENTITY

1) Establish your overall brand message

2) Bring your brand to life with visuals

3) Create a visibility plan that keeps you top of mind.


Until now, my Brand Confidential program has only been offered as a LIVE Mentorship program. Today, I’m excited to share that I will soon be offering my Brand Confidential program in 2 ways :

1. Brand Confidential Self-Study Program : In this version of BC, members will roll up their sleeves and get to work at their own pace on their own time, from anyplace and at anytime. They will have access to ALL the brand lessons and tools. A private Facebook group will be available for additional support.

The BC: Self-Study course is coming soon at special introductory pricing this summer, so stay tuned! Consider it a flexible summer school for your brand that will work around your vacations and family schedules and will have your brand in tip-top shape for fall!


2. Brand Confidential LIVE Mentorship : This live version of BC includes a 12-week group mentorship and mastermind with me as your guide. Together, we’ll walk through the BC lessons, and I’ll offer coaching and mentorship every step of the way.

Our bi-weekly, group Zoom calls are an intense time (60 minutes) to focus on applying the weekly lessons to your specific brand. We listen to and support each other, including a special time to be in the hot seat — where one member has the spotlight and the group focuses on issues and challenges that member is facing. The hot seat member gains wisdom from the other group participants.

With this version of BC, I add in Brand Therapy Q&A sessions, office hours, a private Facebook community, accountability partners and more. Enjoy a group dynamic, an active community and access to me as your mentor. I’ve run this program three times already and have witnessed incredible outcomes for past members. The next BC LIVE Mentorship is launching in September 2019.


How BC is different than other branding courses?

In Brand Confidential, you’ll develop your brand story first, then define your brand differentiation, and finally launch into brand visibility. These three steps will help you truly become the face of a brand that is YOU inside and out.

"Since starting the Brand Confidential program, I feel less apprehensive and feel more bold in my business. I now can be more confident using social media - she had shared tips and techniques that I can use to easily look as professional and on-strategy as I need to communicate with my clients. I am also learning how to better pitch my brand and products." - SCM

Stay tuned to my blog and social media channels for news on the launch of the Brand Confidential Programs : Self Study or LIVE Mentorship. Let 2019 be THE year that you finally build that stand-out brand that connects with your dream audience. They’ll be banging down your door to work with you.


Ready to become the next Brand Confidential success story?

Let’s figure out which BC program’s right for you! Schedule a call with me to chat about your options.

If you know the BC LIVE Mentorship program that begins in September is the right fit and you want to secure your spot right away, follow the link to APPLY NOW.

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