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When it comes to branding, entrepreneurs often feel confused. There are SO many elements to piece together when trying to build a solid brand, and SO many questions that need answered.

How do I to stand out?

What story should I tell?

Who is my ideal client?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed. I get it. I was there too. When I started my photography business, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of other photographers. They were everywhere. I felt like I was a carbon copy of everyone else. To grow my business and make a mark in the industry, I knew had to figure out a way to differentiate myself.  

 This is why I created BRAND CONFIDENTIAL. I know what it’s like to work through the process of developing a stand-out brand.


It’s so much easier if you have a GUIDE. I’ll help you :

  • Get clear on your message. You’ll be ready to share your story because it is laser focused on who you are and what you do best.


  • Grow your business.  You’ll become a brand powerhouse. These 10 weeks of brand mentorship and training will whip your business into shape, so you finally feel confident and ready to show up online and offline.


  • Attract your dreamy clients. With a crisp and clear brand that speaks to your ideal client, you’ll be booked out in no time flat.


But don’t take my word for it. If you really want to hear about the magic that Brand Confidential can work for your business, meet a couple women who are currently going through the program (and who are killing it I might add!)


1) Vanessa Flores, Owner/Founder/CEO of Strong 4 By V

Vanessa is a fitness expert and nutrition coach who’s passionate about helping exhausted, bored-in-their-routine couples with kids get energized and bring the spark back into their routine — creating couples who are strong in mind, body and bond.

“I joined Brand Confidential because I was feeling lost in the social media world. I felt like I wasn't doing anything different, wasn't standing out, wasn't hitting the right target and, my messaging was not clear because I wasn't clear with what I wanted to do. Now that I have niched down, it is easier for me to create content and to speak to my audience. Since I am focusing on a small target that will lend me to creating a movement and put me in a position as a leading expert. I've booked speaking gigs and am working towards a dream I've never thought would be possible, to spread my message on TV! I love many things about this program. The weekly homework assignments forced me to really dive deep, research, and get clear on what I want to do, who I want to serve, and my message! I love having Mallika as my mentor, she is there to answer any question, give advice, goes above and behind to make sure you are feeling secure and help talk through ideas. The group of women in the group are always willing to each one another out, so I not only have new friends, I have new business besties!


2) Deirdre Mahon, Glam Strategist of DeeVa Beauty

Through age appropriate makeup, skincare and glamorous tweaks, Deirdre helps women over 40 look and feel fabulous. She is on a mission to inspire and influence women to embrace their feminine and live in a more exciting world of GLAM that empowers them to live their best life.

“Being in an oversaturated market, I needed to find a way to speak clearly to my client and in the process, I found that the Universe was calling to me to go down a different path. Sometimes you need to stop trying to do it all yourself. Trust in the process of taking a breath, believing in the power of community and a sisterhood in a small, safe environment. Only halfway through the course, and I am confidently rebranding from one of a gazillion makeup artists into the GLAM Strategist and niching down to serve the forgotten and often unseen over 40 market, while making connections from others in the community.”


3) Mary Lev, Editor/Proofreader of Spectacle Communications (website coming soon!)

Mary is a seasoned copy editor and proofreader with many years of experience in marketing and public relations. She primarily serves female solopreneurs looking for help with website copy, presentations, articles, bios and any other materials they need to promote their businesses. Mary believes you only get one chance to make a great first impression, so if you’re looking to make sure your copy is picture perfect, she's the one to call.

"I joined Brand Confidential because after my first year in business, I realized I needed to do much more to boost my visibility, especially online. I decided to work with Mallika because there was great chemistry there — I really liked her positive energy and creativity. I also liked that she thoughtfully hand-picked a small group of women to participate. That setup has given her — and all of us — an opportunity to get to know each other and our businesses on a very deep level. I have built relationships in this group that I know will be long-lasting. I highly recommend this course!"


Are YOU ready to get clear, get consistent and get visible so you feel confident with your message? To emerge as an influencer and leader in your industry?

Brand Confidential isn’t just another online course that collects dust. It’s packed with opportunities to dive in deep for 10 weeks and get clear on your message and story once and for all.

We kick off the program with a private, 1:1 brand consultation call. Then, you’ll enjoy bi-weekly group Zoom mentorship calls, a private Facebook group where you’ll receive accountability and support, brand-building worksheets and lessons, office hours, and more. My goal is to bring you maximum visibility through a brand that makes customers totally swoon.

Ready? Don’t wait! Brand Confidential officially begins on April 12th, but spots are filling now.

If you’d like to apply to be part of my latest Brand Confidential crew, learn the details HERE.  

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