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Is your brand on shaky ground?

If you can't communicate your mission or your vision with clarity, if your values aren’t clearly defined, and most importantly, if you aren’t showcasing your point of difference, then the start of 2019 is the perfect time for a brand makeover.

Your brand is your audience’s first impression of you. To stick in their mind, it needs to make a lasting impression. Your story needs depth, soul and meaning. It needs to build connection and create a sense of belonging for your audience. Still, many entrepreneurs struggle with the HOW of branding.

They feel confused about how to tell their story. They feel stuck deciding how to represent themselves on social media.

They are tempted to copycat others in the biz instead of being their authentic self.

These answers don’t come easy. Branding starts with doing the behind-the-scenes WORK that will lead you to clarity. You must set aside time to answer some big questions about who you are and what your story stands for.

You're gonna have to dive deep into your target market to carve out your point of difference. You need to commit to understanding your audience inside and out.


Maybe most important of all — you need to connect with others who’ve walked (or are walking) this path, too.

If you’re looking for someone to guide you and a community to support you, I’ve got you! In January, a new session of my Brand Confidential mentorship group program is launching.

Here are a few of the things included in this brand experience:

📌 Mentorship

📌 Mastermind

📌 Weekly Brand Lessons

📌 Group Calls

📌 Accountability

📌 Group Support

As a part of my group, I’ll help you gain brand-story confidence so you can start attracting your dreamy clients and start charging what you're worth.


Your brand is your first impression with your audience. You want to make it memorable, unforgettable and lasting. You want to be the ONE they come back to when they’re ready to purchase.

How does this happen? By storytelling, staying visible and building relationships.

My current Brand Confidential student, Jessica Weaver, shared with me:

Since joining the Brand Confidential program, I created my first Facebook community, I’ve gotten a business who wants me to do their 401k plan, a prospect meeting, and a very big business opportunity!

Jessica is walking proof that things start to happen when you begin to create a strong brand.

(Photo of the lady bosses in my September Brand Confidential program)

(Photo of the lady bosses in my September Brand Confidential program)

If you’re ready to make 2019 your year, I’d like to invite you to join my small online group of women for 10 weeks of mastermind and mentorship. We’ll apply my proven brand secrets to maximize your visibility and grow your brand. And I keep this program intimate and highly engaged. I only mentor 10 women at a time and 5 seats have already been filled.

Ready to build your brand? Start here :

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