Booking a Brand Photo Shoot? Do these 3 Things First | NJ Brand Photographer


Happy Independence Day! Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time than now to take the leap and book a brand photo shoot. If you're ready to ditch those outdated images and connect with your audience by creating a powerful visual story, here are 3 things you must do before you book.

1) Know Your Story. Everyone has a story to tell. When that story is told well, it sticks in the minds of those who hear it and and makes them feel like they are connected to something bigger than themselves.

Telling a compelling story is what a brand photo shoot is all about. Before you jump head first into your shoot, you need to have a clear understanding of who you are and what sets you and your brand apart.

If you are still struggling with this crucial first step, ask yourself:

What makes me unique as a business owner and as a person?

What am I most passionate about?

What do I do best?

What struggles have I faced?

How have I overcome these struggles?

It’s equally important to understand who your target audience is, so you can create images that will specifically speak to them, their pain points, and their interests. As you begin to strategize for your photo shoot, picture your audience in your mind.

Not sure who your target audience is? Ask yourself:

What type of people are drawn to my business?

What do these people gain from choosing to work with me?

How am I different from other entrepreneurs who are in the same niches or offer the same types of services?

Answering these questions can help you zero in on what makes you distinctive and relatable. As you plan your shoot, hone in on these points and explore how they can be communicated through your photos.

The truth is, a photographer can't really help you create impactful images if you don't have these things resolved in your mind before the shoot, so lay a strong foundation for your brand by wrestling with these questions beforehand.


2) Interview photographers. When it comes to hiring a brand photographer, you MUST do your homework before signing on the dotted line. If there are photographers in your area who specialize in branding and business, narrow your search to these folks. Stalk them on social media and pour over their portfolios and websites. Make sure their work resonates with you.

Then pick up the phone. Set up a time to chat and see if you connect. The photographer should show a genuine interest in your story and brand.

A brand photography shoot is not your average family photo session, so partnering with a photographer who not only has an eye for aesthetics, but also for business, is crucial. You’re looking for someone who comes across as confident, professional, and thorough. They should communicate well and put you at ease. An eye for detail is a must, so look for photographers who dot their i’s and cross their t’s!

Not sure what questions to ask a potential brand photographer? Here are my 5 questions to ask before you book your brand photography shoot.


3) Embrace who you are right now. I get it, you want your photos to be perfect. Brand images can be a big expense, so you hate to jump in too soon and have regrets down the road. It seems there’s always a few more things to cross off the list before you move forward with booking your photo shoot.

While these reservations are legitimate, they're no reason to procrastinate. After you do the groundwork we covered in #1, (knowing who you are and what your brand story is), it’s time to move forward.

Stop stalling. If you are waiting for perfection, it will never come.

Stop criticizing yourself. Instead, focus on the positive things you bring to the table.

Stop comparing your brand and business to others. Don’t try to be anyone but your authentic self. Embrace and own YOU.

Yes, it may take a little thought and preparation to pull it all together, but it’s so worth it!

Your business and audience will thank you!


If you’re able to take the three steps outlined above, you’re ready to get a photo shoot on the calendar! Let's bring your brand to life with visuals that will tell your story in a clear and compelling way.

Don’t forget! After August 1st, my fees are increasing. However, if you book a session for the fall before July 31st, I’m offering a limited number of packages at my current pricing of $1797.00

But don’t wait too long because October is already booked, and I currently have 2 spots left in September and November! Ready to book? Let's get on the phone pronto to chat.