Biz Books of Summer | NJ Business Mentor

Summer is in full force! School is closed, camp has started and the sun is out. My #summergoals are to read all the gems that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf. Here is a small collection of what is on my business book hit list for the next few months. 

Louder then Words : If you are struggling with discovering your point of difference and finding your unique place in your market, this book offers specific strategies and tactics for uncovering, developing your authentic voice.  I am passionate about helping others dig deep and reveal their best self through storytelling. This book offers so many insights on how to do that well.

Likeable Social Media : This is the current read for our Lady Boss Book Club. Actionable lessons and stories on how to navigate social media to tap into the conversation, listen, engage and empower your customers to start spreading the word about your business.

Essentialism : A must-read for any leader, manager, or individual who wants to do less, but better, and declutter and organize their own their lives. Many have claimed this book life changing! I hope it helps me stop chasing shine bright objects and apply a more selective criteria on what to focus on.

Change Your Questions Change Your Life: This is another read in our business book club. The author, Marilee Adams, shows how the kinds of questions we ask shape our thinking and can be the root cause of many personal and organizational problems. She uses a highly instructive and entertaining story to show how to quickly recognize any undermining questions that pop into your mind—or out of your mouth—and reframe them to achieve amazingly positive and practical results. 

Find Your Extraordinary: Written by Jessica Herrin, serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the Stella & Dot Family Brands. She shows how the classic traits of successful entrepreneurs are ones each one of us can develop – and use not only to create a company, but also to create an extraordinary life. Whether we work a corporate job, run a family, or run our own business, Herrin offers realistic, attainable steps each one of us can take to achieve extraordinary success on our own terms. 

Fascinate: How can you create a brand that is impossible to resist? Master marketer and author, Sally Hogshead reveals the surprising answers, providing readers with a framework for fascinating anyone. This book feeds my branding addiction so I can't wait to dive in and learn more stand out strategies for my own brand as well as my clients.

What do you have on your reading list this summer? How do you pick your books - recommendations, google search, best sellers? How do you keep yourself motivated to read? Tell me in the comments below. Share your must reads and your reading strategies! And if you are interested in joining a business book club, find my Lady Boss Book Club Facebook page here. We would LOVE to have you!