bittersweet and back to school | nj child photographer

After weeks of endless summer play and noise, I thought I would welcome the first day of school with open arms. My boys are now entering 7th Grade, 4th Grade and Kindergarten. Yet, I am sitting home in the quiet, feeling a bit of that bittersweet sadness. Another new year means everyone is getting older (me included). Plus, this year was extra special because my youngest entered kindergarten. No more little ones at home. Now everyone gets on the bus and off to school. A new milestone bringing on some fear mixed with excitement and joy.  Oh what fun change brings! This is what the first day of school looks like at our house.  Wishing you a smooth and happy transition back to school.

2014-09-02_0009 2014-09-02_0010 2014-09-02_0011 2014-09-02_0012 2014-09-02_0013 2014-09-02_0014 2014-09-02_0015

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