beautiful bump * gainesville, florida maternity photographer * mikifoto

i have had this seed of an idea to do maternity photos in a fresh, unique way. something that looked like it came out of a magazine. part Vogue, fashion forward. part Victoria Secret, provocative. very editorial. and very beautiful. i approached my good friend, Kristine, who is weeks away from having her baby, to be my model. and lucky me, she was totally game and trusted my instincts. i had her frolicking in her backyard in the cold in nothing but her belly, a swimsuit and her hubby's button down shirt. nevertheless she was stunning, glowing and gorgeous.

i couldn't be happier with her images. they are exactly what i had in mind. some of them are a bit risque for my family friendly blog. but these next few are my absolute favorites....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra