Bari Studio | NJ Business Photographer

May I introduce you to the women of Bari? If you haven't heard about this place yet, it is a fitness studio that will get your mind motivated, your heart pumping and your body sculpted. Located in NYC, NJ and even Santo Domingo, these ladies are workout rock stars, committed to helping you feel healthy and strong. I have not only been photographing the trainers here for a few years but also have been taking the classes as a member of their #baritribe. 

What I love most about these women are they are confident, strong, inspiring and fun. They are REAL women who love fitness. They welcome all shapes and sizes and work with you to meet your fullest potential. The classes are intimate and small with personalized attention and encouragement. The bari culture is all about empowerment and positivity. From their cardio to trampoline to muscle sculpting classes, after every workout you will be left feeling good inside and out. 

But more then the sweat-drenched classes, these women build communities. Every Bari challenge, class, workshop or event creates lifers out of their members. Led by Alexandra the founder and Claudia, the head - hot shot in Summit, NJ, Bari has become a space for connecting like minded, health oriented, fitness motivated and fun loving women. 

Trust me, when I say you feel their energy and their passion in every class. I am also super grateful for the opportunity to capture their vibe with branding photography. The Bari culture is a unique one and I loved telling their story through storytelling imagery. 

If you have a chance to take a class, I highly recommend it. I am in love with their micro classes.  And their bounce classes are the original real - deal trampoline classes - these Bari babes started the whole trend in the first place. Plus, they are always introducing new classes so you never ever get bored. Check out the studio in Summit and get ready to sweat it out and feel inspired.